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Saturday, September 17, 2011

DUI Crash Deaths: About 10,839 May Die in a Drunk- Driving Crash in 2011

These people that are dying are not a number or a statistic; there our families our children and my son Ozzie.
We need to find ways to elimate DUI death and injuries. This is every families problem not just mine. Everyone that drives that walks on the sidewalk is at risk with the odds being 1 in 5 of our total population will die as a result. (NHTSA)
We must War on this Terror; But how?


  1. I'm part of a group called "Victims of Impaired Drivers" on facebook. There individuals freely their feeling. Most time I can't get past the storm of my grief to contemplate as I am now that this happens every hour to another family. Yet when I do I feel so small and helpless to find a solution...when words just aren't enough. Ms. Estremera Mother of Ozzie Estremera who died at 15 yrs old

  2. DUI OFFENDERS. Reducing Dui's with Scramx....Website: http://alcoholmonitoring.com/ Description: In February of 2010, AMS released SCRAMx, a dual-function system that incorporates RF, or “House Arrest” monitoring with the transdermal alcohol system. The bracelet weighs 5.8 ounces and is similar in look and feel to the second generation of the SCRAM Bracelet. The SCRAMx release also replaced the SCRAM Modem with a SCRAMx Base Station, which allows location monitoring in addition to the daily downloads for alcohol monitoring. SCRAM is a non-invasive alcohol- detection system that provides 24-hour-a-day alcohol monitoring, with testing every 30 minutes, regardless of the offender’s ocation Based in Littleton, Co

    Inventors: Pierre M. Crespo (Burkesville, KY, Assignees: B.E.S.T. LABS, INC.
    Class name: Responsive to absence or inattention of operator, or negatively reactive to attempt to operate vehicle by person not qualified mentally or physically to do so
    Read more: http://www.faqs.org/patents/app/20100108425#ixzz1YNvao3cs

  4. In the United States, 40 percent of traffic deaths last year involved alcohol-impaired drivers.
    Growing concern about drunk-driving prompted Saab to develop a device called Alco-key. It's a miniature alcohol-sensing device that would be built into the car's key fob, and it works off already-existing anti-theft technology.

    "After you unlock your car, you then blow into the breath-sensing device in the end of the key and it reads the blood-alcohol content of your breath and determines whether or not you're fit to drive, based upon a pre-programmed threshold that is set into the system," said Saab's Kevin Smith, describing the procedure for using it.
    ...my concern is it has no user identity verification.. but its only $300 per key..it will prevent the honest or those without friends that will blow in it for them...

  5. A way for us to use technology that allows a driver to operate a vehicle when they're sober, but not when they're drunk?
    Not just the ignition-lock breathalyzers, but the use of intoxicant detecting sensors on the steering wheel And lasers on a rearview that can see if the driver has been drinking. All these combined will reduce DUI deaths

  6. Twitter to post DUI Arrest Mug Shots...Now, with the era of social networking, one D.A. in Texas is bringing a bit of the shaming punishment back to the forefront. The D.A. of Montgomery County, Texas is using Twitter to post the names of DUI offenders.
    DUI arrest is already public information. The D.A. is just using a creative and technologically advanced medium to get their names out in front of the public. Here's a link to an article and you can draw your own conclusions: http://www.chron.com/disp/story.mpl/metropolitan/6802419.html
    The use of Twitter to share the names of drunk drivers doesn't exactly fall into shaming alone. It's also a great preventative tool. If you were in this county, wouldn't you think twice about driving drunk to be sure your name is kept out of the media?
    Either way, I applaud any efforts that keep drunk drivers off the road – when nearly 15,000 Americans are killed every year by this preventable crime, I'm glad someone in the criminal justice system is stepping up to try to make a difference. Re-post written by Marcus of Metro State Uni.


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